Fleet Social Club


An Oasis of peace and tranquillity, just a short step from the town centre.




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Our Values

Membership: Fleet Social Club is a premier members club. Members must be proposed by existing members, seconded by a committee member, and interviewed to ensure they are likely to fit well into the Club’s social ethos. If you aren’t familiar with the club, for example have recently moved into the area, contact us to arrange a visit and sample the club’s timeless tranquillity, without obligation on either part. Should you then wish to join, we’ll arrange the necessary paperwork. If you wish to join the Bowling section, there are additional requirements for that activity, details can be found on the Bowling page.

Rules: A full set of rules are available on the club noticeboard, but essentially members and their guests must behave with dignity and courtesy to other members, be responsible for their guest’s actions, and generally behave as you would expect in a private social setting.

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